About Us

Operating since 2015, Erika's Safe Place (ESP) is a community nonprofit dedicating our efforts to the youth of Williamson County. The purpose of Erika's Safe Place is to offer services and support to youth simialr to Erika- who, as an adolsecent, had at-risk behaviors. Unfortunately, Erika took her life at the age of 26. ESP serves youth who suffer from addiction, self-harm, anger, educational needs, low self-esteem, family issues, and so forth. Twice a week, for five weeks, the youth will work through a curriculum desgined to encouarge them by providing positive coping skills.  Additionally, ESP, now offers a safe and netural enviroment for supervised visitation, for those who are seeking to be reunited with their children. As well as, family assessments, and mentoring opportunites.



  • Weekly groups
  • Family assessments
  • Supervised Visitation
  • Mentoring Opportunities


The most important element of each of our programs is our partnerships and our ability to
gain support from local corporations and businesses. It is with our connections that we are
able to provide the range of services and tools for our youth participants. For us, nothing is
more important than providing opportunities to youth, as that is what will ensure our
community remains strong and vibrant for generations to come. Contact our office at
6154035556 to find out more about our program.