On behalf of Erika's Safe Place, we would like to thank each and every one of you for contributing to this cause. Without the support of the commuity we could not meet the needs of these young children and their families. We would like to recognize the individuals who helped fund Erika's Safe Place, which allowed us to open our doors in October 2015.


Shauntell Mullins                                                                               

Patti Walton                                                                                        

Ashley Smiley

Shay Floyd

Darrah Whittaker

David Walker

Mandy Walley

Jacques Cabell

Stephanie Nelson

Blake Holt

Marie Brooks

Susan Hurley- Garey

Daugherty, Hass & Associates, PLLC

Robin Lockwood

Kacie Hurley

Cara Mastrianni

Dustin Stanfield

Nicole Brady

Nicole Aaron

Miranda Buford

Laurie Randall

Cathy and Gary Singleon

Gregory Mackzo

Patti Riley

Rebekah Hill

Justin Hurley

And those who wish to remain Anonymous